The FemmeFriday Book Tag

untitled-1_thumbThe FemmeFriday tag was created by Vicky @ Books & Strips to show some love to all the female authors and characters out there in this man’s man’s world.

The rules :

  • Post this tag post on a Friday.
  • Tag three to five other bloggers (female or male, doesn’t matter).
  • Post the Tag image with this.
  • Link back so there’s a pingback in the comments section for others to check out.

The questions :

1. What’s the ratio of female/male authors in your shelves? You don’t have to give an exact amount, just approximately.

I can’t be 100% sure, but after a quick view on my Goodreads, it seems like I’ve read more books written by women. That’s a good surprise.

2. Do you have any preconceived notions about female authors? EG: they only write YA or chicklit ?

Nope, and thanks for that.

3. Who’s your favourite female author ?

I don’t really have favorite authors. It’s too much pressure to read an author’s entire bibliography. As of right now, I’m very interested to read more books by Naomi Novik (I’m still in awe of Uprooted) or Suzanna Clarke (because Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is one of my all-time favorites)

4. Have you ever read a comic or a graphic novel written and illustrated by a woman ?

I’m not really a comics kind of reader, but yes, I have : the Joséphine series, by Pénélope Bagieu. Super quirky and funny.

5. Have you read any LGBT books ?

Yes, and most of them have been written by female authors.

6. Have you read a book by a female author of colour ?

To be honest, it’s not a determining factor. I usually don’t know anything about the author and just pick-up the book because I want to read it. Danielle Paige is the only one off the top of my head that I can think of, so maybe I should work a bit on that …

7. Have you read any feminist Non fiction books ?

I don’t think so ? At least, not something that was specifically advertized as feminist.

8. Who is your favourite female character ? Someone strong and role model-ish.

Lizzie McGuire, Hermione Granger and Eowyn. For me, Hermione was the brilliant, bookish nerd that I admired, Eowyn redefined what being a woman is about and Lizzie showed me that it’s also okay to be unsure.

9. Is there a really popular female author that you haven’t read at all ?

Margaret Atwood, Virginia Woolf, Charlotte Brontë, Zadie Smith, and probably tons more.

10. Is there a popular non feminist book that you really enjoyed ?

You know what ? I don’t think so. I mean, when I think non-feminist, I’m thinking about like, vintage Disney movies, Snow White and the like, and I always hated those first princesses, even when I was a kid. I thought they were boring, and I understand now that it’s because they basically don’t have any personality and they don’t have any control on what’s happening to them. You can say all you want about Ariel, she does kind of makes terrible choices, but at least she has choices and she makes decisions for herself ? Being a feminist is also accepting that other women are free to make their own choices, whether we agree with them or not.


Since this is my first tag, I tag everyone who would want to do it too. Yup, that’s it. Tag, you’re it !




3 thoughts on “The FemmeFriday Book Tag

  1. Ah you’ve got to read Atwood. Atleast Alias Grace or Handmaid’s Tale. They are favourites. I’m currently reading Oryx and Crake and not liking it at all. I’m so glad you did the post! 😀


      1. You’re welcome. It’s not all hits but then that’s the case with every author. Alias Grace and Handmaids Tale are my favourites from what she’s written. I’ve inly read 3 btw. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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