If you thought I was already talking too much about the Raven Cycle, then there sure as hell ain’t no way to get me to shut up now. I’ve officially started counting down the days until the Raven King release (out on April 26th, folks!) and I actually have no words to express how excited, nervous, thrilled, scared, I am right now. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting impatiently for the book.

So, as a way to celebrate/bid my time until I finally have the book in my hands, and because I’ve finally managed to convince one of my friends to read the series, I decided to do a little something… A series of posts centred around the Raven Cycle universe, starting with this one: 10 good reasons to start reading the Raven Cycle books, for all those who are still not sure/not convinced yet, or just those who have no idea what I’m talking about.

Trusssst in me



How writing my thesis on dystopias almost ruined the genre for me

tumblr_nq78wqqopd1uyhnexo1_500Once upon a time, I had a brilliant idea : the best way to make my French/Literature degree useful, and also to buy myself time to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, was to get a Master’s degree. It meant I had to write a thesis/dissertation, however you translate it to (we call it a “mémoire” in France). Of course, my brilliant, younger self already knew what this was about : she had to pick a theme/genre/whatever that really interested her, because she would spend a lot of time talking, reading, writing about it. And, if few things had been written on the subject, well, the better. She chose to base her corpus on dystopias.

I’m very resentful towards my younger self.

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Salon du Livre 2016 recap !

Le Salon du Livre of Paris was hosted last week, from March 17th ‘till March 20th. It’s an annual, 4-days book fair during which you can assist to conferences and talks, meet authors, publishers and other people from the industry, discover new books and get your own books signed by their authors, assist to cooking demonstrations by chefs promoting their books (and taste the thing afterwards !), and generally just wander around the huge space filled with books, stands and more books.

Every year a different country is celebrated. They invite authors and publishers from this country and create a special, central corner just for them so that people can discover or know more about this country’s literary scene. This year was South Korea.

I mostly went so I could see James Dashner.

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Shipping outside of canon

I know that it’s a bit of a taboo in the book-blogging world, you don’t ship non-canon pairings, you don’t imagine things that are not Word of God, everything the author says is automatically true and you can’t think beyond that, you can’t think of better alternatives or better pairings. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Sometimes, it’s enough to just trust the author and leave it at that, but sometimes you need more, sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s needed to go farther than that.

So, that’s why I think there’s fandom, and then there’s fandom, where we write each other fanfics for our birthdays and make each other miserable by sharing sad headcanons. There’s nothing wrong with either, but guess which side I stand on.

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“What is the point of magic if we can’t fix real problems ?” : my (very late) review of The Magicians

More than ShadowhuntersThe Magicians is a show I’ve been waiting for since they annonced that they were making an adaptation. I followed the first cast reveal (Jason Ralph and Stella Maeve as Quentin and Julia, respectively), and then I let it go and waited, and waited, and waited. But now, it’s here and, five episodes in, I’m ready to blurt out all my opinions on the show.

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A selection of bookish and literary Valentine’s Day cards

Since I’m really not myself this week, I decided to continue on with the Valentine’s Day theme and give a personal selection of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day cards ! They’re all a bit silly, a bit funny, mostly bookish and they’re the kind of cards I would love to receive.

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Favorite romances from someone who hates romance

In honor of Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to put my usual, cynical self aside, and talk about Love.

Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that I hate romance. Let’s just say that I only like romance when it’s not really the main focus of the book (it can be a big theme, but there has to be something more to the story) and when it’s written in a very specific way, and most books fall short of that expectation.

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