Review Policy

I’m interested in a variety of genres that include : Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Fairy Tales & Mythology, Classic literature and Historical novels (19th century and Medieval in particular, but really almost anything is fine). Even though I can be interested in books out of my comfort zones, what I’m always falling for are are well-written stories with great characters and great character development.

The books I don’t particularly tend to gravitate towards are straightforward romance novels (although it does depend on the book, I can say that I’m not generally interested, especially love-triangles), erotic novels, stories with overtly religious tones, and children/middle grade books (and everything written in France since the 1900s, but I don’t think I’ll get much of those).


Review information

I’m happy to review any book that falls under the categories mentioned above, and I accept review requests by authors, publishers, or whoever else might be interested. I accept ARCs and finished copies – physical copies as well as e-books (e-pub and PDF formats are fine).

I can be contacted at All my reviews will be posted both on this blog and on Goodreads (on Amazon too, if requested).

I will try to review the book as quickly as possible, but if you have a time frame, let me know.


Rating system

Absolutely loved it / I’m in love / Go buy this book now

For me, a 5 means that the story was close to perfection, that the writing was on point, the characters interesting and the plot kept leaving me wanting more. I’m not afraid to give a 5 if the story was that good. It’s not so much about the book itself being without any flaws, it’s more about me finding the book fascinating, attention-grabbing enough to completely forgive the times it wasn’t so.


Really amazing

Considerably the rating I give the most often. It means that I connected with the story and its characters and I’ll definitely recommend it to people if given the chance. It’s not missing much to have me completely addicted.


Great / Pretty good

For me, 3 is still a good rating, or at least compared to what I’ve seen, but’s still a degree below that feeling of being completely grabbed by the book. It usually means that there were times when I couldn’t connect with the book, or that something that I see as important was missing.


Okay / Passable

This is my ‘meh’ rating. The story was okay, the characters were okay, but everything left me a bit indifferent and this is probably a book that won’t stay with me for years and years.


Not good / Disappointing

Everything was basically awful from beginning to end, I struggled to finish the book and I was insanely glad when it ended. The book might have had a few salvaging moments but overall, it wasn’t enough to balance the scales. I don’t tend to give it that often because I’m really picky when it comes to reading books, and I usually make the right choices, but I’m not impervious to bad decisions.