How writing my thesis on dystopias almost ruined the genre for me

tumblr_nq78wqqopd1uyhnexo1_500Once upon a time, I had a brilliant idea : the best way to make my French/Literature degree useful, and also to buy myself time to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, was to get a Master’s degree. It meant I had to write a thesis/dissertation, however you translate it to (we call it a “mémoire” in France). Of course, my brilliant, younger self already knew what this was about : she had to pick a theme/genre/whatever that really interested her, because she would spend a lot of time talking, reading, writing about it. And, if few things had been written on the subject, well, the better. She chose to base her corpus on dystopias.

I’m very resentful towards my younger self.

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Shipping outside of canon

I know that it’s a bit of a taboo in the book-blogging world, you don’t ship non-canon pairings, you don’t imagine things that are not Word of God, everything the author says is automatically true and you can’t think beyond that, you can’t think of better alternatives or better pairings. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Sometimes, it’s enough to just trust the author and leave it at that, but sometimes you need more, sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s needed to go farther than that.

So, that’s why I think there’s fandom, and then there’s fandom, where we write each other fanfics for our birthdays and make each other miserable by sharing sad headcanons. There’s nothing wrong with either, but guess which side I stand on.

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